Too Much


The above image is likely recognizable from my banner. As I discussed in my last post, the image is a product of my synesthesia. This will help me divulge more about what my music-image synesthesia does.

The image is a painting of the opening of the song Too Much by Sufjan Stevens, off his new album Age of Adz.  Each element of the image is a specific part of the song. When I listen to music, the whole orchestration creates a whole orchestration of images. It would be impossible for me to paint a whole song, because music is never stationary. If I could create a shape/color movie it would be closer to my synesthetic experience.

The opening synth creates a low bubbling noise, which is the yellow circles at the bottom left. The red burst shape is the scraping sound behind it. This crescendos into the basic track of the song, at which point it turns to blue/black. The black ribbon reaching diagonally to the right represents the hand claps, with the lined white sections representing the actual claps.  The black right angles represent the hi-hat clicking in the background and the yellow orange patch is the lower bass sounds.

It is far from an accurate representation of what I see. The details of the image in my mind are as complex and varied as the piece of music itself. If you listen to the song over and over (as with many songs) you’ll hear sounds you never noticed before, and with each new sound is an image I never noticed before. I truncated the image in order to create something compositionally cohesive, and my painting skills are no match for my synesthesia. But alas, I try.

2 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. I like your painting.

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