Should the Church Teach?

Donald Miller recently posted some thoughts about the church. It has caused some chatter about the purpose of the church and how/if it’s teaching model ought to be changed. Here’s my thoughts, in response to what he said.

Theologians and teachers are necessary for the protection of the truths espoused by the earliest Christian councils. These truths were laboriously identified and bantered about for the sake of understanding, for the sake of knowing God. These truths (say, the Nicene Creed) are under attack, as they have always been, from within the church and without, and must be protected. The only way they can be protected is through sharing them, by passing them from one person to another, by upholding them and teaching them.

That being said, it is important for scholars and laymen alike to turn to ecclesiology to understand the nature and purpose of the church. The church is the body of Christ. We are a bride. In case you’ve never met a person who is engaged, they suffer from a constant distraction regarding their impending nuptials. The church does not carry this same effervescence. It is our identity and purpose to prepare for our union with God.

Engaged people tend to be distracted by the material aspects of preparing for their wedding, but many, too, spend their time pondering the nature and purpose of marriage, and learning to chasten themselves for the sake of knowing and loving their spouse. To prepare for a wedding, one must book a church, buy a dress, and send out invitations. But they must also learn the discipline of love. They must prepare to be united with this person. Many pastors require marriage counseling in order to arm the couple with as much knowledge as possible for their marriage.

If the church were to abandon teaching as a central aspect of its practice, it would be as foolish as refusing to learn about your future spouse, as foolish as ignoring the weight of the relationship which will alter your identity. There are other aspects of preparing for a wedding, though, as there are other practices for the church. The church should revel in its longing for the coming day. The church should be scholarly and academic, but that is not to say it should not only be scholarly and academic.



JuNoWriMo Week 2

I am writing, absolutely exhausted from travel. My trip has been fantastic so far but my writing has taken a toll because of it. Good thing I got so much extra done before my trip. I could write zero words for the rest of it, and still be ahead on my goal when I got home.

But where’s the fun in that?

The beginning of my week was great. And time spent driving has been time spent thinking about my characters and story. I even scribbled down a few words today at lunch; thank God for Moleskines!

An odd observation: My JuNoWriMo attitude has affected my driving. If I can keep going, I will just keep pushing through. Today I made it 90 miles further than I planned!

Happy JuNo’ing 🙂


JuNoWriMo Week 1

Wow. JuNuWriMo could not have come at a better time for me. It has been so great to have the excuse to do nothing but write for hours on end. The closers at the late-night writing coffee shop are getting to know me by name, and it’s only been since Wednesday.

My story has been festering inside of me for sometime, and I didn’t realize how much I had to say about these characters. Writing quickly is new for me, and I think it’s fantastic. I don’t fix typos; I don’t fix grammar; I don’t try to sound good or think of fancy metaphors. Those things are easier to do on a rewrite, anyway.   My characters are positively coming alive, thriving, and I absolutely must tell their stories.

My total word count for June so far has surprised me. I set a goal of 1000 words a day, and I am going to maintain that as my goal, but I have exceeded it every day. Friday was really hard. Saturday morning was really hard. But Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night have passed with word after word falling onto the page.

Total word count for Wednesday through Saturday: 11,600. Positively unreal.

This week I’m preparing for a trip, and will be on vacation all next week. I do not expect to keep this up at all!

(This is coming from a girl who dropped out of NaNoWriMo on about day 4 last year…I’m very excited!)


JuNo What Now?

Last year for me, NaNoWriMo got waylaid by my pursuit of self publishing (which by the way went quite well.)

I am now set to do some serious amounts of writing over the next few months, and have a break in marketing my book since it is a Christmas story.

Enter JuNoWriMo.

My favorite part of twitter is running across complete strangers who are interested in and working toward the same things I am. Then I get to participate with them, make some twitter friends, and get some writing done.

So, I’ve decided to do JuNoWriMo. My goal? 1,000 words a day for the month of June. This is part of my larger goal to have a complete MS by September first.

So, fellow JuNoWriMo-ers: Hi! I’m Annie. This is my blog. And happy writing!