I’ve attempted blogs in the past. I have failed at regularly updating as many.

This blog is thus an experiment. Can Annie K O’Connor keep a blog? And better yet, can Annie K O’Connor keep a blog about nothing?

That’s right. Nothing.

I would start (another?) writing blog (is that redundant?) but I don’t believe I have anything to say about being a writer that someone out there isn’t already blogging about. Funny thing about writers, they like to write. And blogs are all about writing.

So, here I am with a head full of crazy thoughts, and a blog about nothing. A vacuum blog. And if the laws of physics hold true, nature will abhor this vacuum and fill it with enough of my crazy to sustain a readership (but not so much as to send them all for the hills. Or to those men with the tricky white jackets.)

3 thoughts on “AnnieKO’Connor

  1. Or would it be more accurate to say that this blog is about anything and everything?

  2. Well, sure. I’ve always questioned that Seinfeld is truly about nothing, too.

    Perhaps I should say ‘nothing in particular’ which is essentially ‘anything and everything’.

  3. i like it

    David in Maine USA twttr @atteancanoe

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