Disclosure of Bias

Since I have a tendency to write about philosophy and about religion and things of a metaphysical nature, I think it is reasonable and helpful that I be open about my beliefs.

I do not state my beliefs to exclude anyone who does not agree with me, but to clarify my viewpoint and the terms of the discussions that may occur here. Please feel free to agree, disagree, challenge my thoughts or ignore them.

If you have come to this blog from my links on Facebook or Twitter, I also think it is important that you do not feel deceived in any way. I tend not to discuss religious or philosophical matters on either of those websites, and so I realize that by linking to this blog I create the possibility of alienating my friends and followers. That is not my intent. I will try to indicate the presence of religious content when I link here.

I should like very much to claim that my opinions are entirely objective and not influenced by my personal proclivities, but to do so would be problematic for (at least) three reasons.

  • Objectivity is an impossibly elusive ideal
  • Detachment of the personal mind from the personal belief is a denial of the nature of humanity
  • Intellectual honesty is paramount, and I simply am not detached from my personal beliefs

There is no better statement of the core tenets of my beliefs than the creed established at the Council of Nicea (325 AD).

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